Custom DTF Transfer Art Requirements

Before uploading your DTF transfer art files, please review this information to save you time, and to simplify your order processing. 

Tips for ganging up your custom dtf transfer sheets

Using our DTF transfer template is easy and simple if you know a few facts before you get started. Before you load a DTF design on the template you see the template board and the DTF Gang Sheet Product information will be on your upper left side of the page.  When you upload a DTF transfer image and click on the image, the Prduct information window changes to IMAGE PROPERTIES Window. 


IMAGE PROPERTIES WINDOW - This is where you can remove backgrounds and do other artsy tasks.


The most important thing to note here is the QUALITY BAR should be green at the size you want the image to print. If it is less than 75% on the QUALITY BAR we reccomend uploading a better image if available. If not consider resizing a bit to help improve the pixel quality. You can resize using the POSITION AND SIZE Menu under the Qulaity Bar or right above the image it gives the size. DOUBLE CLICK in the size field to make it whatever exact size you want. 




You will notice an EFFECTS  tab that has a drop down menu for added effects and borders. The borders tend to crop out your images so we do not suggest using those. Effects can be fun and used to add some funky vibes to your designs, but should not be your primary tool to color correct files.




If you only need one image per DTF design, just add and postion, and size as needed.  When you need to duplicate a design, simply click on that design and use the COPY button, 2nd button over from the  zoom tab, at the top of the designer.  Next to the COPY tab is the PASTE tab. You can copy more than one at a time by holding the SHIFT key down as you select the DTF transfers you want to duplicate.  When you PASTE all of the copied images they will stack in the center of the sheet, so make sure you move them all to their proper placement before sending to cart. If you need more DTF transfers than you can fit on the sheet use the QTY window above to add more sheets of the same sheet you are working on before adding to cart, or simply start a new sheet after adding the one your are finished creating.  Going back will lose work and progress. So always add to cart, and you can delete it later if you need to. 


* The purchaser is responsible for uploading correct, print ready artwork.  We are not responsible for incorrect spelling or other syntax errors; however, IF we see something NOTICEABLY WRONG we will call or email you to help resolve the issue. If your file passes our checks, it will be sent to production queue without delay.  It is up to you to fix any issues and re-submit the graphic or you can have our team fix the graphic for a small fee. 




1.  Save your art file in an acceptted file format

Recommended File Types: PNG at 300 DPI, AI, PSD, PDF, EPS

Accepted File Types:  AI, PDF, EPS, PNG, JPG, PSD, TIFF

If you don't want a background to print, remove it and/or send with a transparent background, otherwise we print what you upload and submit.

If using Corel Draw, save your file as a PDF before uploading. 

2.  Send artwork at the exact size you want printed

We will print your artwork at the size you upload and submit. We will not change or resize your artwork to the sheet size selected. For example: If you select a 22.5"x12" sheet, but upload an image that is 10"x10", we will print your image at the size you uploaded (10"x10"). You are responsible for confirming your artwork's size. If you need help, we can provide artwork services for an additional fee.


3.  Upload artwork in CMYK color    

Save your art as a CMYK file. We do not recommend uploading RGB artwork.  We will print the CMYK values in your file as submitted. RGB values turned to CMYK values can and may be different colors.  So please convert the values and make ALL art edits before uploading.  For any areas you want to print WHITE, please make sure those areas are WHITE in your artwork. Remove any unwanted backgrounds or colors from your artwork before uploading.  We recommend adding .5" of space between each image to allow for cutting your transfers apart.

4.  Convert all text to outlines

If sending vector art work, ake sure your fonts and objects are converted to vectors before uploading.  If this is not done, your fonts may default to a font you did not want!  You are responsible for confirming your fonts are turned to curves, outlines, "vectors".  If sending a raster file, you don't have to turn the fonts/objects to vectors but upload and send art at 300dpi at the size you want it printed for best crisp/clear transfer results.  Our system will show a caution sign and let you know if your image will be low resolution and blurry so you can make adjustments to your art then upload high resolution art at the print size you want.


5.  check your line weights

We recommed printing areas a least .5 point thickness for easy application as well as having enough adhesive so the trasfer sticks to your item properly.  Details that are lower than this recommended specification may not apply easily or at all.  Wording can be as small at 6 point type if a bold font is used. We have produced 4 point type for custom neck labels without a background that came out great. It was just too small to read! 


6. Artwork not recommended for for Custom DTF Transfers

Glow Effects, Transparency Gradients / Opacity Effects, or Thin / Very Small Fine Details

These details will not print as intended and will not adhere properly to your garments due to not having a strong white underbase for the adhesive to stick to.

TIP:  Add a stroke to make the fine detail thicker for the best results possible. Gradient fades need to be larger dots. as it will simply show as solid grey area if not. Consider having us do DTG Direct to Grament printing if you cannot adjust the gradient fades. Or email the file and pay for art services. 

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