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DTF meaning and process explained for DTF transfer: 


DTF is an acronym that means Direct To Film. 


The process of creating custom DTF transfers, or custom Direct To Film Transfers involves a CMYK plus White ink large format printer that prints designs, images, and/or graphics in a reverse and mirrored manner. The designs are printed directly to the DTF PET film rolls or DTF transfer sheets. The DTF printer prints the color layer first, and then adds a choked white layer on top of the color layer. 


As the DTF transfers are printed on the roll of film, they advance forward on top of the DTF printer heat plate to start the curing process. Curing for the water based DTF inks is essential to the finished heat transfer results for a soft hand retail finish. It is a balanced approach. We want to start curing or drying about half of the water out of the inks before the transfers reach the shaker unit where the adhesive powder is added. The shaker unit houses the fine 70-80 micron adhesive DTF powder in an enclosed chamber. It drops the film down in a "V" near sensors in the bottom that tell the take-up reel at the end of the oven to pull the film through the oven at a timed interval. As the DTF transfer film advances the shaker unit deposits the fine powder over the semi-cured white ink, advancing back up toward the oven and as it does a rotating bar, taps the sheet to knock off any loose DTF powder. Now that the excess adhesive power has been shaken off, it will travel through the oven to cure the DTF transfer inks and completely cure and melt the adhesive to a dry state so the DTF transfers can be stored for later heat press or iron on application.


Once the DTF Transfer film and designs are cured, and glue is melted and completely dry the DTF prints can now be cut down into individual transfers to be heat press applied to almost any fabric item where the placement can fit under a heat press including t-shirts, polo shirts, back packs, bags, caps, pants, hoodies, sweatshirts, leggings and many other items.  DTF transfers can be applied to nearly any fabric types such as cotton, polyester, blends, twill, denim, spandex, leather, paper and more. You just need a semi-smooth material. The transfers are stretchable and durable making them a great option for low or high volume orders and high color content graphic designs.

DTF Transfers vs. DTG?

Custom DTF Transfers are images printed directly to film.  Then the printed image is transferred to your item with heat and pressure from a heat press.  Whereas DTG prints are printed directly to the item by the printer after the item has been pre-treated.  It then is cured with either a heat press or conveyor dryer.

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